car servicing

By keeping your vehicle regularly serviced, you give yourself the greatest assurance that your vehicle is safe to be driven and will not present a threat to you and other road users. In addition to increasing your safety, it will make sure your vehicle is operating at its maximum capacity; improving its fuel efficiency, lifespan and how cost efficiently it runs.

Poorly maintained cars can be like a ticking time bomb. Rather than fret about when you will next breakdown on the side of the road or possibly be involved in an accident, you should bring your vehicle to be serviced to have complete confidence when you are on the road. In addition, the cost of having your vehicle regularly serviced is considerably more cost effective than having your vehicle repaired after a breakdown.

By using quality parts and spares, we ensure the utmost longevity with each service on our customer’s vehicles. The parts that have been serviced have warranty, which ensures that in the event of any failure arising with them, we can rectify.

We inspect:

  • Air Filter
  • Oil and Filter
  • Welding
  • Electronic Diagnosis
  • Brakes and Suspension
  • Steering and Road test
  • All necessary adjustments and fluid level checks
  • Antifreeze checked
  • Spark Plugs checked